Monday, December 10, 2007

Unwanted Dogs and Unwanted People

Rosie the Golden Retriever mix was abused, hit with sticks and abandoned. A Golden Retriever rescue in South Carolina rescued her. Sr Pauline took her out of the Shelter and had a friend bring her to Washington DC. Sr Pauline drove to Washington and picked her up, then drove her to Maine.

Rosie stayed in Maine a few months, then left for New Hampshire where she went into a foster home, then went to the New Hampshire State Prison for men where an inmate trained Rosie to do many things. Still she had a hard time because of all the difficulties in her life but the inmates saw she had potential.

When Rosie was finished her training, there wasn't the possibility to place Rosie in a home for the disabled because no program was in place, so three women flew from Wisconsin to New Hampshire to pick up Rosie and a dog named Joey and flew Rosie and Joey to Wisconsin where they stayed several weeks until a place was ready for them to go to the State Prison for Women in Southern California where they were entered a women's prison for more training.Rosie didn't stay there long and she then came out of the prison and was placed with a disabled girl who really needed Rosie in her life. Rosie now has a home forever.

This is a picture of Rosie and her partner Whitney at their graduation.If we could only do the same for people who are unwanted ... that we can reach out to them no matter how long it takes and try and help them recover from their own difficult lives... then perhaps we can really make a difference and they will not suffer for all their life that they were unwanted.

Saturday, December 1, 2007



Dwight Illinois Correctional Center for Women

Cumberland Federal Prison for men ~ Maryland

California Institution for Women

Our society seems to want to throw the key away to those who have committed crimes. They want them either dead or to spend the rest of their life in prison for the pain and suffering they have caused.

When can we forgive those who harm us? Even if they never get out of prison, they still can do things inside to make this a better world?
Who knows what they went through in their life to become as they are.

It doesn’t take away the evilness of their crime to forgive. They have to become responsible for what they have done. Is this possible?

In these pictures, the inmates don’t have “pets” in prison. They have working dogs that they are training to give to a disabled person or given to a police agency as a potential police dog. They are learning how to groom so once they are out of prison, it is a job skill they can use. They are also learning life skills.. how to take care of something that depends on them.

If we can teach others the importance of giving back something to our society, then it helps to make this a better world, one person at a time. To forgive isn’t easy to do but it is not impossible.

If St Paul could go out and persecute the Christians and God forgave him.. then we can do the same. Our life is a gift from God and no one has the right to take it away, either through crime or punishment.